Foundation for Earth Sciences staff offer direct community engagement, and support scientists and teams on strategic planning, effective community engagement methods and best practices. FES moves Earth science forward through virtual and face-to-face opportunities by offering a neutral space for workshops, technical meetings and conferences that support community-driven collaborations around shared Earth science data and information issues. Through our work, we improve Earth science data management practices and make Earth science data more discoverable, accessible and useful to researchers, policy makers and the public.
Erin Robinson
Executive Director

Erin is a natural connector who’s passionate about fostering innovation through collaboration. During the last 10 years she has created communities and programs with lasting impact around science data and technology. Erin has honed her expertise across community management, grant writing, information architecture and Earth science. ,,As the Executive Director for the Foundation for Earth Science, Erin facilitates virtual and in-person collaboration across economic sectors to expedite progress toward data interoperability envisioning and realizing new programs and articulating their value to funders to ensure continued success of the programs.,
Annie Burgess
ESIP Lab Director

,As the ESIP Federation Community Director, Annie utilizes her technical savvy and community-building experience to continue to build momentum in the ESIP community. Annie entered the world of informatics during her Ph.D. when faced by challenges in processing and distributing the immense amounts of data produced by her research, which focused on satellite remote sensing and snow hydrology. She completed a postdoc at the University of Southern California with Dr. Chris Mattmann, where she developed software for the unique needs of the polar science community, specifically, expanding text and metadata extraction for scientific data formats.,,
Bruce Caron
Community Architect

Bruce Caron is currently the Community Architect of the ESIP Federation. Bruce has pioneered this role, helping virtual science organizations build community governance and achieve their promise. Bruce was trained as a social anthropologist and an urban cultural geographer. He recently led the NASA Science on Drupal Central Project, which built collaboration and collective intelligence capabilities for NASA Earth science Drupal developers. Bruce has served as the president of the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners and is a Founding and current board member of the Foundation for Earth Science in Washington, DC. In 2010, Bruce was awarded the Martha Maiden Lifetime Achievement Award from the ESIP Federation.
Annie Keyes
Logistics Coordinator

Annie grew up in New Hampshire, has travelled to all of the lower 48 states and lived in a motorhome for seven years while her husband was fishing the professional bass fishing circuit. During that time on the road Annie wrote a daily online journal for ESPN called “Life on Tour”. She also has her own company buying real estate remodeling and fixing up houses and then reselling them, which she’s been doing for the past 10 years. Annie takes care of numerous administrative responsibilities and is the on-site support staff at all FES meetings.
Dan Keyes
Operations and Special Projects

Dan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration then began his professional career developing computer software for small business. He left this to enjoy various adventurous lifestyles including professional tournament fishing teaching skiing and snowboarding in Colorado and real estate investment. Dan is now back in the technology arena developing collaboration tools that benefit the Earth sciences community.